Our staff of construction professionals is available to work with you on several aspects during the development of your project. We are able to add value to the project by identifying your needs and addressing them in several disciplines. We can add value to the project before ground breaking commences.


Exterior metal framing is the perfect choice for a wide variety of building systems. The members are cold formed from sheet steel to achieve stringent tolerances, ensuring the level of quality you demand. Unlike wood framing, metal framing is non-combustible and will not rot or warp. Best of all, the face of the wall will be straight and true whether it is 8 feet tall or 48 feet tall. The variety of sizes and thicknesses of the framing members provides a level of versatility that is unmatched by other framing systems.


Interior metal framing systems bring a myriad of premium attributes to your project. Design flexibility is gained through the variety of metal stud members and the ability to construct curved elements with relative ease. Metal framing systems are non-combustible, manufactured to strict tolerances, readily available and pre-punched for mechanical and electrical systems. Thanks to metal framing’s high strength-to-weight ratio, if you can dream it … we can build it.

With metal framing, there is no need to issue separate contracts for framing and drywall; we do them both. Our long-term relationships with local manufacturers and suppliers allow us to purchase material at the lowest possible price so we can pass the savings on to our clients. These relationships have also given us a preferred customer status to access material during supply shortages. In addition to our supplier access, we stock a significant amount of metal framing members in all sizes and lengths at our Woodinville, Washington facility.


Drywall, or gypsum wallboard, comprises a significant amount of the work we perform. The gypsum wallboard installed by our carpenters today is a far cry from that of yesteryear. Today’s high-performance wallboards can incorporate anti-microbial cores, mold resistant face papers, fiberglass reinforced mesh, and ceramic-polymer-gypsum to make our buildings safer, stronger, quieter and healthier. Whether your project requires traditional paper-faced gypsum or a high-performance gypsum panel, our carpenters have you covered.

Exterior gypsum products are almost as varied as their interior counterparts. Our crews install traditional paper-faced, glass mat-faced and fiber reinforced gypsum sheathing. Our construction professionals are educated in all of the latest products and can help the design team select the right material for the project’s application.

Proper finishing of the panel is crucial to its appearance and performance. Our tapers finish millions of square feet of drywall each year and are known for their high-quality finishes. Our goal is to provide the finishes you demand that will serve the project for years to come.


We provide professional commercial interior and exterior painting and coating services on stand alone paint contracts, as wells as, packaging the paint with our framing/GWB services for clients that desire one contract and complete systems.

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